5 Key Inputs that Impact Your Health

Image credit: Dr. Chris Hardy

Many people think that the key to better health is to eat less and work out more. If you’ve tried this before you probably know it works — in the short term anyway. But it’s not maintainable, and frankly, it’s no fun. To achieve results that last we need to evaluate more than calorie intake and exercise frequency.

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Redefining Stress

When someone asks “what stresses you out?” does your list usually include things like kids, your job, finances, and not enough time in the day to do all of the things you need to do? These are REAL stressors, and are definitely important to manage!

But, did you know that things like eating too many processed foods, going too long without eating during the day, getting a bad night’s sleep, or doing high intensity exercise seven days a week can impact your health in a similar way to the traditional stressors mentioned above?

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