Discovery Session



During your virtual 60-minute Discovery Session (yes–we spend an entire hour with you, for free!!), you and your coach will spend time talking all about YOU. Your health history, your current habits (the ones you’re proud of and the ones you want to improve), and your goals. We want to gain an in-depth understanding of what motivates you, what obstacles you’ve faced in the past or are currently up against, and why your health-related goals are so important to you.

From there, your coach will spend a little time sharing how we create customized roadmaps for each and every one of our clients, and how health coaching can support you in reaching your goals.

You will leave your Discovery Session with a better understanding of your health, actionable strategies that would work best for you, and a customized goal or two to get you started.

* We recommend filling out our online health forms (there’s two of them) prior to your call so your coach can review them before your Discovery Session. If you don’t have time, no sweat! You will still be able to discuss all of that information with your coach on the call.

Concierge Coaching



Welcome to health coaching that is the ANTI one-size-fits-all approach to health. Our concierge coaching is 100% focused on meeting our clients where they are. Each month, you have a 30-minute call (phone or video chat are both available!) with your coach to discuss what habits you’ll be focusing on, progress towards your health goals, and receiving education and resources from your coach as needed to support you along the way.

The best part — the coaching doesn’t stop there. We created concierge coaching based on the simple fact that most people need and want a support system and accountability partner to reach their goals. Your coach will check in with you as often or as little as you want to keep you on track. Are your goals going better than you planned? Do you need to modify your goals because you’ve got a busy week ahead? No problem! Your coach is there to provide ongoing modifications to your goals as needed to keep things moving forward.

You will have unlimited access to our coaching platform (desktop and mobile app available) to chat with your coach, track your habits, take pictures of your food, access your personal workout plan, and more. Your success is what’s important to us, so you won’t sign any long-term contracts. Our relationship is month to month, ensuring you find the value you desire.

Concierge Coaching: Additional Sessions

$50 per 30-minute Session


Do you want more than one coaching and strategy session per month? No problem! You can tack on additional 30-minute sessions as often as needed. If you’re someone who wants or needs more 1:1 time with your coach for things like education, talking through strategies, or just needing some time set aside for you to talk through your obstacles and challenges, we’re here for you.

Each session is $50, and you can do as many extra sessions as you want per month.